Rodeca U-Panel


Rodeca U-Panels are manufactured with a UV coextruded layer to both sides of the panel. This creates a system that is both reversable and versatile for varying applications using the fastener and glazing bar components available. Both polycarbonate and aluminium glazing bars can be coloured to suit the panels if required. Panel widths vary between 600 and 630mm with thicknesses of 10mm, 16mm, 20mm and 40mm.

Rodeca uses these panels mainly for roofing construction but of course these panels can be used for façade and walling applications as well.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Translucent
  • Heat-Insulating
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Versatile designing in shape, colour and function
  • Good long term performance through UV protection
  • 200 times tougher than glass
  • Shatter proof


  • Flat and curved roof lights
  • Ventilation
  • Facades
  • Sports and industrial facilities
  • Roofing construction
  • Carports
  • Canopies
  • Refurbishment for wall and roof

Technical Data

We recommend to use this panel as roof light system. Of course the panel might be used for a facade application and we offer appropriate perimeter frame profiles for clients who wants it as alternate solution to our translucent building elements. Nevertheless we are convinced that a translucent building element for facade constructions is always the best solution.


This panel is a good alternative solution for roofing constructions with multi wall sheets. The 16mm thick and 630mm wide panel especially as low pitched or curved roof light needs much less aluminum in comparison to other constructions.


Is another good alternative solution for roofing with multi wall sheets. The 20mm thick and 630mm wide panel especially as low pitched or curved roof lights need much less aluminum than other constructions and additionally the installation is less time consuming and easier.


The PC U-Panel 2600-40-7-U is 40 mm thick with seven layers and an overall building width of 605 mm. Unique is the reinforced fastener groove whereby the panel in combination with the fastener resists extremely high suction loads. The shape makes it a hybrid of translucent building element and U-Panel. With the system accessories roofing with an excellent insulation value and without unaesthetic shadows from opaque glazing bars can be realized.