Rodeca LBE

Translucent Building Elements

Rodeca translucent building elements for use in facades, roofs and roof lights.


  • Polycarbonate is a crystal clear, high impact thermoplastic.
  • Temperature restistance from -40 to 115°C, temporarily up to 130°C.
  • Impact resistance virtually unchanged within these temperatures.
  • Good long term performance through UV protection.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • Translucent with excellent thermal properties.


  • Glazings.
  • Sports and industrial halls.
  • Roofing construction.
  • Shed glazings.
  • Window glazing.
  • Interior applications, e. g. partition walls or exhibition stand constructions.
  • Refurbishments for wall and roof.
  • Rain screens.
  • Curtain facades.

Main Features

The objective of Rodeca is to support architects, designers and building owners with their creativity, expertise and innovation. Thanks to creative architecture buildings old and new can be designed providing visually exciting and energy efficient solutions. Our goal is to bring new ideas and innovation to an increasingly saturated market. With us you have a reliable, professional and creative business partner aside providing you cost effective solutions.

We make light go through walls“. Translucent facades are economic, functional and aesthetical.
Choose from a wide range of colours or develop with us your individual custom-made colour.
Your order can be made to measure – saves money and the environment. No unnecessary off-cuts.
Our light-weight products with their ease of installation will save your time and money.
Ecological and sustainable. PC is a multi-purpose resource which can be reused in many processes when recycled.
Technically comprehensive customer service! We provide advice which system will fit best to your plan.
You get long lasting systems with excellent properties: shock-resistant and heat insulating.
Our Systems offer a solution for almost every application – whether inside or outside, roof or wall!

Discover the RODECA diversity

On the basis of the building you can identify the various application areas for RODECA’s translucent building materials. Move the courser over the single building areas to get further information about the application possibilities.

Whether inside or outside, roof or wall – we have the suitable product.

Rodeca offers a wide range of products for all kinds of translucent roof areas. Depending on scheduled design of a translucent off surface we can offer the right solution with our products. Whether flat or curved roof lights, with our window heat-reflecting surface, if shed or gable roof, we bring natural daylight into every building.

Rodeca offers a wide range of products for design and construction of translucent facades. From experience for each project a specific requirement onto construction is the key point. Depending on the objective a suitable and economical product solution can be presented. From panels with tongue and groove joint in 16 or 20 mm thickness, ideal for non air-conditioned halls or similar, to 60mm thick panels with tongue and groove joint for facades and walls with excellent heat-insulating properties.

All products have in common the multi-layered structure that leads to good isolation values and light-weight. Combined with aluminium farming systems and other accessories translucent facades and rain screens can be realized so that both insanitary and new buildings shine in (new) splendor.

In Kamp-Lintford (about 35 km from Rodeca GmbH in Mülheim) our in-house window construction facility is located. All types from our windows series are manufactured and inspected from factory production control in Kamp-Lintfort.

Rodeca offers windows with thermally broken and on-thermally broken aluminium farming systems. Depending on window type and series Rodeca windows are suitable for glazing with Rodeca LBE panels or isolation glass.

As a matter of course our products are not only suitable for outside use. Especially in the field of interior design and application our products offer a wide scope for creativity and art. The examples of usage presented here are only showcases of a small percentage of thinkable opportunities. We are curious about your ideas what else might be done with our products.

40 MM

The 40 mm thick panels with proven groove and tongue connection are 500 mm wide. They differ from number of layers which has significant influence onto the U-value of the panel. The U-values our 40mm panels range from 1.4 to approx. 1.0 W/m²K (according to DIN EN ISO 10077-2) depending on the chosen product and the installation situation. The perimeter frame profiles are available thermally broken and non-thermally broken. The panels can be easily connected to each other and are ideal for facade constructions as well as an optimal and long lasting solution for roof glazing.

50 MM

Our 50mm thick panel with a building width of 495mm has 10 layers and achieves –depending on installation situation – an Ucw-value of approx. 1.0W/m²K (according to DIN EN ISO 10077-2). The system is worldwide the first with a German general technical approval including thermally broken perimeter frame profiles. The panel is manufacturable in fully coloured or in the two coloured version DuoColor.

60 MM

Our 60mm thick panel with a building width of 500mm has 12 layers and achieves – depending on installation situation – an Ucw-value approx. 0.87W/m²K (according to DIN EN ISO 10077-2). The German general technical approval is available. This panel system is very interesting for premium industrial glazings and for roof glazing with appropriate minimum pitch as well as for every application with high demands on heat insulation.

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