Woodn Modulatus is an outdoor cladding system, consisting of staves of various shapes that can be used to create spectacular decorative, aesthetic solutions.
It can be used as a covering for walls, rainscreens and suspended ceilings.
Woodn Modulatus staves can be installed either vertically or horizontally, allowing designers the maximum in creative freedom.


Woodn Versatilis, VERTICAL BEAUTY. Versatilis is a complete, flexible system for creating claddings, sunscreens, parapets and fences. The strong points of Woodn Versatilis are its lightness, sturdiness and resistance to elements such as fire, water and wind.


Woodn Aeternus is the ultimate solution for outdoor environments. Water and UV resistant, Aeternus is flame retardant and impervious to variations in humidity.

Unlike even the most precious varieties of wood, it never splinters and does not require any special maintenance.

Main Features

WOODN is a Class 1 material in conformity with UNI 8457/87, UNI 8457/A1/96, EN13501_1 Class Bfl -S1 standards.
WOODN has no problem resisting water, making it particularly suitable for outdoor applications and very humid environments, because 80% of the wood fibres are coated by the polymeric component (PVC and other elements in the formula).
WOODN is subject to limited and regular dilation and compression (max. 3mm/ linear m) due to temperature changes, even if abrupt.
WOODN contains no toxic materials and is 100% recyclable.
WOODN is a material that requires very limited energy consumption and uses wood residues from other production processes. WOODN is a member of the GBC (Green Building Council). An international organisation founded in America during the 1990s, the GBC deals in the certification of buildings according to LEED standards. LEED certification refers to the eco-sustainability of the entire building and not of an individual product. Woodn therefore contributes to obtaining the final score.
WOODN, thanks to the exclusive use of expanding materials, is lighter than other similar products, making it easier to apply and transport. This results in significant cuts in logistics costs.
Resistant to Woodworm & Parasites
WOODN is not subject to the destructive actions of woodworm, fungi, and parasites in general.
WOODN bends but does not break: in fact, it can be thermoformed to adapt to curves and more complex surfaces.
Silent & Pleasant to Touch
WOODN is sound-absorbent and, thanks to its wood-like characteristics, feels warm and pleasant to touch.
WOODN does not emit formaldehyde or other toxic substances and contains no heavy metals.



Woodn Ornans is the two-faced technical covering conceived to best meet the demands of contemporary Architecture and Interior Design. Lightness, thickness, variable density, and easy installation make this product applicable on any surface – curved or flat – and even with other materials metals, fabrics, stone.

Woodn Ornans, available in 100 or 33 mm formats, can even be thermoformed to cover even the most complex surfaces and literally go beyond the limits of matter. Colours and formats may be alternated, using either the smooth or textured sides as desired, for absolute freedom of design and composition. The rich selection of accessories special profiles for skirting, edges, inside and outside corners – complete this collection that is outstanding for its versatility.


Woodn Versatilis is a special series of profiles with various standard or customised sections, ideal for creating any type of highly energy-efficient exterior covering. This is a complete and flexible system for coverings, brise soleil, fence, enclosures, and ceilings. Woodn Versatilis is outstanding for its light weight, strength, and resistance to fire, water, and wind.


Woodn Modulatus is an indoor-outdoor covering available in boards of various formats and colours. This product offers spectacular decorative and aesthetic possibilities.

It can be used to create coverings for walls, ventilated faades, and false ceilings. Woodn Modulatus boards can be arranged either vertically or horizontally to provide the designer with the utmost creative freedom.

The range of Modulatus profiles also includes a special five-strip profile that can be used to cover furniture and fittings.

Technical Data


Woodn colours your ideas
Various colours for spectacular decorative and aesthetic solutions.
Each Woodn is visually unique and, like natural materials, it gives no impression of serial production. Thanks to an exclusive production process, the grain patterns restore the natural feel and look of wood.


Multiple shapes, countless applications
Woodn is a versatile material, for multi-functional applications.
Its multiple shapes stimulate the creativity of Architects. Our engineering department supports designers, helping them to find the right solution for specific application needs.

Partner For Architects

A qualified service from concept to its implementation
The experience gained in managing complex contracts, regarding both vertical and horizontal coatings, allows us to provide assistance not only during the design phase but also when studying packaging and logistics up to the construction site.

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